Are there discounts available for a 10 x 20?

Are there any other costs incurred outside of the set booth rate?

INDO EXPO booth prices are ALL-Inclusive. Included: Electricity (500W Denver, 600W Portland), WiFi, Complimentary porter service to assist you with move in / move out, Complimentary tickets/passes to all INDO EXPO evening networking events, Pipe, Drape, and 1 8 foot Table, 2 Chairs, and Wastebasket are provided per 10 x 10. Therefore, the only extra costs incurred is if an exhibitor requires additional electricity, extra tables and chairs, skirting for tables, and shipping freight to the Show.

Are we allowed to share a booth? If so, how does it work?

Yes. (A Booth Share should be chosen, when two separate companies wish to share the booth space.) When you complete the booth registration/contract, there is a selection for a Booth Share.  Choose that option and follow the instructions.  Total fee for two companies sharing an inline 10 x 10 booth is $3,500.  Invoices can be split between the two companies. Contact your show coordinator to confirm payment plans, booth sizes, etc.

*Each company will receive their own listing on all Exhibitor Rosters, in the Show Directory, notification on the booth sign, logo placement on INDO website, receive their own social media pushes via INDO EXPO Social Media platforms, etc.

Can we represent other labels or brands inside of our booth?

Yes. (An additional label/brand should be chosen, when the parent company owns more than one label and wishes to sell additional labels from the booth space.) When you complete the booth registration/contract, there is a selection for Additional Labels/Brands. Choose that option and follow the instructions.  Each additional label/brand is $250.

*Each company will receive their own listing on all Exhibitor Rosters, in the Show Directory, notification on the booth sign, logo placement on INDO website, receive their own social media pushes via INDO EXPO SM platforms, etc.

If I am a multi line distributor, do I need to pay $250 per all lines I represent and wish to show out of my booth space?

As an exhibitor may I sell retail merchandise?

How does INDO EXPO Promote the events?

Indo Expo shows have a strong presence on social media platforms, online event calendars, along with national and local print advertising campaigns. We utilize telemarketing to start per-registering buyers months before the show, as well as a large street team campaign to ensure a strong physical presence. We understand the importance of  being out in the community, all Indo Expo employees live in either the Denver or Portland areas. Our team attends Cannabis events, work with local farmers, visit grow sites, dispensaries, head shops and hydro stores to ensure we are always networking and growing.

How many people attend the Shows?

November, 2014 – 2000 ppl
July, 2015 – 2800 ppl
January, 2016 – 3200 ppl
January, 2017 – 4500 ppl


August, 2016 – 4200 ppl
August, 2017 – 5000 ppl

What type of stores/people attend the Show?

Growers of all scales, Dispensaries, Extractors, Grow Stores, Smoke Shops, Canna Businesses, Investors, Apparel Stores, Gift Stores, Jewelry & Accessories Stores, Art & Glass Galleries, Souvenir Shops and more.

How do I qualify for the complimentary two day pass?

You work in the Cannabis Industry and are able to present proof such as: employee pay stub, business card, or have a Sales Tax license number or  EIN number.  Please note, complimentary admission registration closes one week prior to show start. After that, you will be asked to purchase a ticket. See the below links for additional details and to submit your application:

Register for complimentary admission at the Denver show

Register for complimentary admission at the Portland show

I missed the pre-registration deadline, can I still get in for free?

Complimentary admission registration closes one week prior to show start. Once the deadline has passed, complimentary access is no longer available and you will be asked to purchase a ticket.

I would like to attend the Industry Only day on Saturday, but I do not possess the proper documentation. may I still attend, and if so, how?

I am interested in attending on Sunday, when you are open to the Public, how may I purchase a Sunday only ticket and what does it include?

May I distribute swag from my booth?

May I offer THC samples, edibles or distribute THC products at the Show?

Smoking Marijuana at the Show Site, is it allowed?

No. None of the facilities that house our events allow for cannabis consumption on site.  When at our event, you must obey the state laws and facility rules.

May I bring my dog to the Show?

While we love pets, please do not bring your dogs any INDO EXPO Show. Only service animals are allowed.  All service animals must be on a leash and with the owner at all times.

My company is interested in sponsoring your event, what options are available?

INDO EXPO offers many Sponsorships, visit this link for additional information: Sponsorship Opportunities
We can also create a sponsorship based on your goals and budget. Contact to start the conversation.

What is a Marijuana Processor?

A licensed person or business that may process, package, and label usable marijuana and marijuana-infused products for sale at wholesale to marijuana retailers.

Have a question not listed here? Please shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you right away! Thank you

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What The Wall Street Journal And Other Media Outlets Have To Say About INDO EXPO

What the Wall Street Journal and other media outlets have to say about INDO EXPO

Wall Street Journal ~ Market Watch.

Denver: Indo Expo Trade Show, Green is the New Gold

Denver: A marijuana school offers ‘higher’ education

‘The Marijuana Show’: a ‘Shark Tank’ for ganjapreneurs

8 companies getting a contact high from the marijuana business

What it’s like inside a recreational marijuana dispensary


Denver’s 2014 IndoExpo Brings the Marijuana Industry to the Next Level

The Cannabist

Indo Expo Denver trade show for marijuana businesses

MMJ Business Academy

Inside look at the Indo Expo Co Trade Show 14

Is The IRS Targeting The Cannabis Industry?

Is the IRS Targeting the Cannabis Industry?

Ricardo Baca interviewed attorney James Thorburn of Thorburn Walker LLC on The Cannabist Show recently about the subject of IRS audits in the cannabis industry.

“The IRS is being more aggressive. Any business that is handling product is probably going to be subject to an audit. It’s not a question of if at this time, it’s a question of when.

Form 8300, which is designed to track money-laundering, must be filed for any cash transaction in excess of $10,000, and Thorburn believes that the wholesale cannabis industry has generally failed to properly report these transactions due to a lack of awareness of the requirement.”

Listen to the interview or read “Worst-case scenario: Why more pot businesses are suddenly getting audited by the IRS”:


Source: Why the IRS is Targeting the Cannabis Industry – New Cannabis Ventures

Nine States Will Vote On Legalizing Marijuana

Nine States Will Vote on Legalizing Marijuana


Several states will be voting on the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana. Elizabeth chuck wrote a great article about this for NBC NEWS. Follow the link below to read the full article.

Nine states have marijuana measures on the ballot this November, and chances are good that many will pass — giving pot advocates high hopes that the federal government will eventually lift its nationwide ban.

In five states — Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada — voters will decide on legalizing the recreational use of marijuana.

In four others — Arkansas, Florida, Montana and North Dakota — voters will weigh in on medical marijuana, which is already legal in nearly half the country.


Medicinal marijuana has been legal in California since 1996. A similar measure to Prop 64 to approve personal use of marijuana in California narrowly failed in 2010, but polls show that support now is hovering near 60 percent.

Morgan, the marijuana opponent, said California’s existing recreational pot laws have revealed the problems with legalization.

“We already have over 50,000 illegal outdoor cultivation sites that are destroying our natural resources,” he said. “The fertilizers and pesticides used are polluting the ground and the water table … It’s an environmental disaster, aside from the fact that today’s high potency marijuana is extremely harmful [to users].”


Source: These Nine States Will Vote on Legalizing Recreational and Medical Marijuana – NBC News

Excerpt: A Marijuana Smoker’s Guide To Colorado

Excerpt: A Marijuana Smoker’s Guide to Colorado

I had the pleasure of working directly with Fremont County Cannabis. This article is a bit out of date but I wanted to share it here on the new INDO EXPO Site.

FCC is an amazing company. They set the bar really high for me being the first place I was exposed to the cannabis industry. With their amazing growing techniques and absolute care for the patients that bought the medicine they grew, they really showed how much they cared for the industry and the world. Growing with a symbiotic relationship with the cannabis plants was amazing and any grow operation i have seen after theirs has always been sub-par.

If you have a chance check them out at:

Slowly but Surely …In Buena Vista, at an elevation of 8,000 feet, master growers Josh Shipman and Jeff Cain oversee the three greenhouses devoted to the 40-plus strains of Fremont County Cannabis. Approximately 3,000 feet below, in Canon City, the FCC center provides medicine for some 300 patients every week. Fremont County Cannabis is awaiting Canon City’s decision to open the door to recreational sales as well, but the process has been slow. The local polls want to see how legalization progresses; because the city’s economy depends on family-fun vacations, they want to make sure marijuana fits in. But with Colorado reaping a whopping windfall in tax revenues, Fremont County Cannabis is confident that it will get the okay to open its new retail center in July — right across the street from the stone walls of the Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility! And once recreational sales are the norm, FCC plans to develop its nearby mountain property into a campground tailored to cannabis-themed

Source: A Marijuana Smoker’s Guide to Colorado – High Times




Cultivation | New Technologies | Industrial Hemp |Edibles
Smoke Accessories | Lifestyle | Industry Services |Education | Breeding & Genetics
Networking | Lighting | Concentrates & Extractions

Seminars | Workshops | Demonstrations

 Indoor | Outdoor | Greenhouse

 The Indo Expo Trade Show looks to assist in building relationships between growers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and the public. This show will provide a safe business environment as well as a forum for building business relationships and exchanging ideas and information. In addition, the Indo Expo will support the growth of the industry both locally and nationally by bringing together industry professionals from around the country. Whether you’re visiting with us to promote and sell a product line(s), purchase items for your store(s) and/or grow facilities, or attend the Sunday public day / job fair, we have something for everyone; enjoy the many product demonstrations, educational seminars, networking opportunities, and workshops. Visit with us to connect, learn and share.


The Indo Expo Show. Networking. Connecting. Supporting.

The Indo Expo Show is a full-spectrum Industry event. This two day event will be focused primarily on business to business (B2B) relationships, while building and supporting connections between wholesalers, growers, retailers/buyers and the public. Hundreds of brands and product lines will be showcased, representing  equipment, supplies and tools for harvesting and processing, lighting, Industry related apparel, jewelry, smoke accessories, nutrients, and more.  Companies and services such as colleges, security firms, real estate firms, evaluation and consulting services, as well as the non-profit and educational sector will be represented.

Our doors are open to trade and Industry professionals, and anyone in the wholesale and retail sectors. On Sunday, the second day of the Show, the general public is welcome. Additionally on Sunday, a job fair will be held allowing our exhibitors and those seeking employment to connect. While visiting and shopping our Show, be sure to take advantage of the numerous educational seminars, workshops and networking opportunities.



Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Don’t forget that after Denver we head back to Portland, Oregon. Our last show there was a hit! As always a very diverse show in the beautiful city of Portland. Check out some of the pictures in our Gallery from the Portland show.

Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado

INDO EXPO’s has the HomeTown advantage with an unrivaled First Quarter B2B business platform & solution.  Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse: Production, Processing, Retail.  Seminars, Workshops, Demonstrations. 200+ exhibitors, 1000’s of buyers, owners, master growers, decision makers and more.  Join us.

2016 INDO EXPO Press Release Portland

2016 INDO EXPO Press Release Portland


April 6, 2016
CONTACT: Stephanie Swimmer

INDO EXPO Trade Show
“Where Green is the New Gold”

August 6-7th, 2016
Portland Oregon, PDX

This Summer, INDO EXPO Trade Show, the Premiere Cannabis B2B, is heading to the NorthWest for an event you don’t want to miss.

$500 million, net worth of Oregon’s Cannabis Industry by 2020.

420 Registered Dispensaries in Oregon.

3500+ people will converge to source products, shop, network and learn.

2000+ individuals will register as a buyer or industry professional with official credentials to attend on Saturday, our trade ONLY B2B.

10% of the attendees and visitors to the Show, are from outside the United States.

250 exhibitors will be showcased featuring over 1000 product lines.

10% of these exhibitors will be from the international market place, including: Australia, Netherlands, Canada, Austria, France, Israel, and Amsterdam.

30% of the exhibitors will be hailing from Colorado, and looking to enter or expand within the booming Oregon market.

20+ leading experts will provide education forums and seminars, all complimentary to those in attendance.

Saturday, August 6th is solely for the purpose of the B2B market. Sunday, August 7th is open to both trade personnel & the general public. In addition, on Sunday, a career fair is held to promote employment opportunities across the industry.

Exhibitors represent every aspect of the Industry from cutting edge technology, equipment, supplies, lighting, nutrients, hemp, to lifestyle, apparel, health and more. With the last three shows sold out, INDO EXPO’s powerhouse production and execution has defined it as a focused and leading Cannabis B2B event.

“It was everything that you want in a trade show….(INDO EXPO) brought in great attendees. The landscape for indoor gardening trade shows is changing and this show is on the front line of
that change. We will be back next year.” ~ Smart Pots, January 2016.

INDO EXPO recognizes the endless opportunities within the Cannabis Industry. The show provides a safe business environment for every aspect, as well as a forum for constructing business relationships, and exchanging ideas and information. INDO EXPO supports the growth of the industry by bringing together professionals from around the globe and providing them with the tools they need to continue to learn, grow and strengthen the Industry.

Complimentary seminars are offered daily and cover topics such as: organic growing, pesticides, greenhouse growing, industrial hemp, genetics and breeding, investing in the business, store display and visual merchandising, branding and marketing, inventory control, small business best practices, optimizing your investments, email marketing campaigns, industry careers, HR issues i.e. effective talent management and more.

For more information or to register for the The INDO EXPO Show August 6-7th, Portland OR visit, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @indoexposhow. or email

Press Passes are complimentary, register online.