Are there discounts available for a 10 x 20?

Booth prices run in $2,750 increments per 10 x 10. For a 10 x 20, the cost is $5,500, 10 x 30 costs $8,250, 20 x 20 costs $11,000 etc.

Are there any other costs incurred outside of the set booth rate?

INDO EXPO booth prices are ALL-Inclusive. Included: Electricity (500W Denver, 600W Portland), WiFi, Complimentary porter service to assist you with move in / move out, Complimentary tickets/passes to all INDO EXPO evening networking events, Pipe, Drape, and 1 8 foot Table, 2 Chairs, and Wastebasket are provided per 10 x 10. Therefore, the only extra costs incurred is if an exhibitor requires additional electricity, extra tables and chairs, skirting for tables, and shipping freight to the Show.

Are we allowed to share a booth? If so, how does it work?

Yes. (A Booth Share should be chosen, when two separate companies wish to share the booth space.) When you complete the booth registration/contract, there is a selection for a Booth Share.  Choose that option and follow the instructions.  Total fee for two companies sharing an inline 10 x 10 booth is $3,500.  Invoices can be split between the two companies. Contact your show coordinator to confirm payment plans, booth sizes, etc.

*Each company will receive their own listing on all Exhibitor Rosters, in the Show Directory, notification on the booth sign, logo placement on INDO website, receive their own social media pushes via INDO EXPO Social Media platforms, etc.

Can we represent other labels or brands inside of our booth?

Yes. (An additional label/brand should be chosen, when the parent company owns more than one label and wishes to sell additional labels from the booth space.) When you complete the booth registration/contract, there is a selection for Additional Labels/Brands. Choose that option and follow the instructions.  Each additional label/brand is $250.

*Each company will receive their own listing on all Exhibitor Rosters, in the Show Directory, notification on the booth sign, logo placement on INDO website, receive their own social media pushes via INDO EXPO SM platforms, etc.

If I am a multi line distributor, do I need to pay $250 per all lines I represent and wish to show out of my booth space?

As an exhibitor may I sell retail merchandise?

If you are legally allowed to sell retail merchandise, pay taxes per your state laws and follow all laws regarding your sales transactions, Yes.

My company will not be able to exhibit, but we would still like to advertise within your Show directory, is that possible?

How does INDO EXPO Promote the events?

Indo Expo shows have a strong presence on social media platforms, online event calendars, along with national and local print advertising campaigns. We utilize telemarketing to start per-registering buyers months before the show, as well as a large street team campaign to ensure a strong physical presence. We understand the importance of  being out in the community, all Indo Expo employees live in either the Denver or Portland areas. Our team attends Cannabis events, work with local farmers, visit grow sites, dispensaries, head shops and hydro stores to ensure we are always networking and growing.

How many people attend the Shows?

November, 2014 – 2000 ppl
July, 2015 – 2800 ppl
January, 2016 – 3200 ppl
January, 2017 – 4500 ppl


August, 2016 – 4200 ppl
August, 2017 – 5000 ppl

What type of stores/people attend the Show?

Growers of all scales, Dispensaries, Extractors, Grow Stores, Smoke Shops, Canna Businesses, Investors, Apparel Stores, Gift Stores, Jewelry & Accessories Stores, Art & Glass Galleries, Souvenir Shops and more.

How do I qualify for the complimentary two day pass?

You work in the Cannabis Industry and are able to present proof such as: employee pay stub, business card, or have a Sales Tax license number or  EIN number.  Please note, complimentary admission registration closes one week prior to show start. After that, you will be asked to purchase a ticket. See the below links for additional details and to submit your application:

Register for complimentary admission at the Denver show

Register for complimentary admission at the Portland show

I missed the pre-registration deadline, can I still get in for free?

Complimentary admission registration closes one week prior to show start. Once the deadline has passed, complimentary access is no longer available and you will be asked to purchase a ticket.

I would like to attend the Industry Only day on Saturday, but I do not possess the proper documentation. may I still attend, and if so, how?

I purchased a $199 two day event ticket, but can not attend, may I transfer my ticket to another person?

I am interested in attending on Sunday, when you are open to the Public, how may I purchase a Sunday only ticket and what does it include?

The Sunday ticket allows for Sunday access  to the Expo, all seminars, demonstrations, and you can check out available career opportunities by seeing which exhibitors are hiring.

Purchase Sunday ticket for the Denver show

Purchase Sunday ticket for the Portland show

I purchased a general public ticket, but can not attend, may I transfer my ticket to another person?

What states is Cannabis recreational sales Legal in?

May I distribute swag from my booth?

Yes. Promotional items are a great way to attract people to your booth and build awareness about your brand. But it is not mandatory.

May I offer THC samples, edibles or distribute THC products at the Show?

Smoking Marijuana at the Show Site, is it allowed?

No. None of the facilities that house our events allow for cannabis consumption on site.  When at our event, you must obey the state laws and facility rules.

May I bring my dog to the Show?

While we love pets, please do not bring your dogs any INDO EXPO Show. Only service animals are allowed.  All service animals must be on a leash and with the owner at all times.

My company is interested in sponsoring your event, what options are available?

INDO EXPO offers many Sponsorships, visit this link for additional information: Sponsorship Opportunities
We can also create a sponsorship based on your goals and budget. Contact to start the conversation.

What is a Marijuana Processor?

A licensed person or business that may process, package, and label usable marijuana and marijuana-infused products for sale at wholesale to marijuana retailers.

Have a question not listed here? Please shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you right away! Thank you

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Convectium Introduces Version 6.1 of the 710Shark Automated Cartridge & Disposable Filling Machine.

Did you know that Convectium is the producer of products like Prem31r, Dry Herb 2.0, and the Disposable 2.0, under the brand BlackoutX? They are also the sole distributors of the 710Shark and 710Seal, the fastest filling and sealing machine for cartridges on the market! The Dual Heat Injection system makes it easy to inject even the thickest of oils into cartridges and disposables!

And now Convectium is introducing Version 6.1 of the 710Shark Automated Cartridge & Disposable filling machine. Now with Touchscreen, Channelized Oil Basins, structural improvements and improved automation. Machine arrives “Ready-to-Run”; it is pre-assembled and pre-tested from our factory. It will fill the newest of cartridges including stainless steel/glass or the ceramic/plastic variety (which we also provide for additional cost).

Visit Bronze Sponsor Convectium at Booth 702 in Portland!

Modular Marijuana – Cannabox’s Shipping Container Grow Systems Revolutionize Access to Growing

Bronze Sponsor CannaBox Containers brings to Indo Expo a glimpse of the future. These unique, turnkey cultivation containers are ready to use the day they arrive. Controlling environmentals is at the center of this innovative cultivation solution. All units come equipped with monitoring sensors and an easy-to-use phone app allows for remote controlling of your CannaBox. What is new? Controlling your grow remotely. And the best part? You can customize your own! 

This Drying Unit comes fully equipped with a fully insulated shell, climate control, dehumidification, man door, working lights, stainless steel prep table, and stainless steel wire drying racks. 

Stop by Booth #306 in Portland to meet the Cannabox crew and visit the Cannabox Sponsor Page to learn more about these incredible products! 

Visit Beneficial Biologics at Booth 701!

We are thrilled to have Beneficial Biologics join us in Portland as a Bronze Sponsor! Beneficial Biologics could not be more in line with the cannabis community and culture in Portland, Oregon! The brand is extremely dedicated to clean, sustainable, ethically grown cannabis.

By using the best of what mother nature offers, Beneficial Biologics brings to the industry makes a vision a reality: creating low-impact, high-yield products like Kelp Logic, Humalogic, and Aminologic, which offer additives and supplements that support the existing soil food-web and encourage microbial diversity.

Check them out at booth #701.

View the entire exhibitor roster for this year’s show here and register for your badges today!

First, Measure 91 – Now Casey Houlihan Takes On the Oregon Retailers of Cannabis Association

This week we interviewed Casey Houlihan, President of the Oregon Retailers of Cannabis Association (ORCA), in Eugene, Oregon. Casey was originally involved in the campaign to pass Measure 91 in Oregon, and is now focused on developing a wide retailers network in order to advocate for more conducive legislation and subsequent business practices.

IE: Good morning, Casey! Thanks for taking the time to share your expertise with us. As the President and Founder of ORCA, I am sure you have heard from your members on the challenges and opportunities of the growing Cannabis industry in Oregon! Let’s start from the beginning…

IE: 1. What prompted you to start ORCA? Tell us about ORCA!

CH: Well, I had a small group of dispensary owners reach out to me shortly after Measure 91 passed [in 2014] about advocating for some policy changes to help with the transition from medical to recreational.  And the ideas they had were good – so good, in fact, that they’d likely be supported by ALL retail cannabis businesses.  So instead of just lobbying for the small group of business owners, we decided to establish a statewide trade association to speak on behalf of all retail cannabis businesses and to push for policies that promote our shared interests. This way, we carry more weight during the policymaking process because we have a large and active constituency. It also allows us to sustain the group year-round, and to expand the scope of our mission to fighting for sensible changes to federal laws (280E reform and access to banking services) and corporate policies (facebook, twitter, instagram, banks, credit unions, etc).

After two and a half years, we’ve grown to over 200 member businesses and work to make sure that Oregon creates a business environment that allows our nascent industry to thrive.

“I feel invested in making sure we get it right, and that we can create a template for legalization that other states can follow in the years to come.”

Personally, I had already worked to qualify Measure 91 for the ballot and served as the campaign’s Field Director in 2014, so I saw ORCA as an opportunity to continue the work I was doing to help shape Oregon’s cannabis policies. I feel invested in making sure we get it right, and that we can create a template for legalization that other states can follow in the years to come.


IE: 2. What are some challenges that retailers face in Oregon today?

CH: Red tape, over regulation, constant turbulence, and a part-time legislature.  The cannabis industry does not get [from the state legislature and the OLCC] the bandwidth necessary to square away all of its rapidly changing facets, and that’s only going to get harder.  We have had to fight tooth and nail just so our issues get the attention and bandwidth needed to effect real and lasting change that helps people.

On top of all that, education around our issue has been a major hurdle.  We’ve been fortunate that the Oregon Legislature has had the Joint Committee on Marijuana Regulation, with a set of legislators that have studied the issue closed and been an active part of conversations with stakeholders for years.  However, once we get further away from the maybe dozen-and-a-half folks in the state with that level of understanding of the cannabis industry and the state’s regulatory regime, most policymakers lack even a basic understanding of our brand new administrative system for cannabis, let alone how it works.

This year we also saw an effort to increase the tax on cannabis sales by an additional 5% (bringing it up to a total of 25%), which we fought hard to defeat.  The most accurate data we’ve seen shows that a 5% increase in prices would lead to a 10-12% decrease in legal market participation – a net loss for state revenue.  This gets back to the problem of education.  We do all we can to present accurate, compelling data to legislators so that they can better understand the consequences of these proposed policies.

Oh, and that whole 280E “thing” [the section of the federal tax code preventing most standard business deductions for cannabis businesses] is a pretty major hurdle, and has been the focus of our efforts in recent months in coordination with NCIA and some of our other statewide counterparts here in Oregon.


IE: 3. We cannot help but to notice the fast growth of the local scene. What are some unique opportunities for retailers in Oregon?

CH: Oregon’s cannabis industry has been on the forefront of the legal cannabis movement for decades, and this next phase of evolution we are seeing is no different.  Oregon retailers get to carry some of the highest quality products in the world – literally – while dealing with one of the savviest consumer bases on earth.

“Oregon retailers get to carry some of the highest quality products in the world – literally – while dealing with one of the savviest consumer bases on earth.”

I think we are poised to see tremendous innovation in the retail market in the coming years, and that Oregon’s vibrant retail sector will be a major driver of these new and exciting advancements. Our unique culture – where cannabis has become very mainstream – will create virtually endless opportunities for the thousands of entrepreneurs entering the industry, and will help fuel a broader nationwide normalization.


IE: 4. What are the main priorities of ORCA this year? 

CH: Our main priorities have been to do everything we can at the state level to make a friendlier environment for retail cannabis businesses here in Oregon.  First and foremost, that means keeping the tax rate on legal cannabis as low as possible so our state’s legal businesses can compete with the illicit market.  We need a level playing field in order to allow good actors to be successful in their businesses, and we can’t create additional incentives for folks to engage in commerce outside of our state’s legal framework.  Especially as more states come online with legal adult-use sales, it will become even more important for Oregon to maintain our position as having one of the most competitive sales taxes on cannabis in the country.

We’re also keeping an eye on the future, and listening intently to our members to find our what new services or benefits we can incorporate to provide them more value.  As our state’s legislative session wraps up, we’ll be pivoting to working with the OLCC on developing rules for the new set of state statutes.  Our role is to make sure that the retail businesses (and the growers, processors, and wholesalers reliant on the success of the retail marketplace) can participate in rule-making have a voice in the process.

Doing all that we can here to come up with a smart set of rules for our retail cannabis system is one of the most important steps for the normalization of cannabis all across the country and across the world – and moving the ball forward on this has and will continue to be a priority to our members.  One of our members was recently admitted to the International Rotary Club, and was the first International Rotarian admitted from the cannabis industry.  With his membership, he was added to their international email listserv where he was able to introduce himself and explain a bit about who he is and what his business does.  Since then, he’s gotten responses from people all over the world, from countries with wildly varying cannabis policies, with reactions ranging from “Cool!” to “Oh that’s very interesting”.  Utilizing these opportunities to help show the rest of the world that our little experiment with legalization has been successful is so important.

IE: WOW! Thank you so much for all this invaluable knowledge! We have no doubt that ORCA will continue to grow its member base and serve as a resource for retail businesses in Oregon. We are excited to have you at our show!

ORCA - Oregon Retailers of Cannabis Association - Oregon's top business organization and advocate for fair legislation and regulation in the legal cannabis market.

This is such amazing opportunity to network and learn from other retailers in the area! For more information on becoming a member, please visit: 

Visit ORCA in person at Indo Expo Portland 2017 at Booth 111!

To attend as an Industry Pro Buyer, apply here:

New Millennium – A Complete Nutrient Line Brought to You by pHive.8

Portland 2017 Silver Sponsors pHive.8 Distribution offer three main product lines. Plagron, ePapillion and New Millennium.

New Millennium  is “a complete nutritional regime for the hobby and commercial gardener. This formula is simple, yet complex at the same time. New Millenium enables you, the grower, to reach your maximum potential in crop growth performance no matter what your expertise level is.”

The cultivation experts at have compiled a full rundown of this nute line, product by product. Head over to their site and check out the full review before the show!

Here are a few highlights:


This essential component is the base plant feed, providing a copious share of Nitrogen and Calcium. As the core of the New Millenium Fertilizer System, Equinox is concentrated and refined to yield a product that is workable and low in residual salts.

Equinox is meant to be used in conjunction with the seasons. (i.e. Spring, Summer, or Autumn) in a 1:3 ratio.

  • Example: 1 tsp. per GAL of Equinox with 3 tsp per GAL of Summer


A superb recipe that compliments all the hard work put into securing foundation and structure. Once a plant has decided that it needs to devote energy and reserves into building flower and fruit development, Autumn will ensure all cravings and voids are fulfilled. The select blend of ingredients was chosen for their direct response on aggressive hungry reproductive plants. From these sources, New Millenium Laboratories was able to dial in a specific N-P-K ratio that will accelerate flower and fruiting structures.

  • Use in conjunction with equinox to stimulate reproductive growth in blooming and fruiting crops.
  • The ideal season of choice for 12/12 light cycle growers.
  • An extensive collaboration of minerals formulated to feed bloom hungry plants what they want and need in order to produce major flavor!


Officially registered as a Molybdenum fertilizer, which it indeed is, Ruby Ful#$% is rumored and humored to encourage plants efforts to increase yield (#), promote return on investment ($), and encourage plants to enhance the quality to which they produce (%). This super-complexity is a house favorite as the uses seem to be limitless without detrimental effects.

  • Will promote rapid nutritional response from your favorite plant foods in all growth stages.
  • Conditions tap water and plant rhizosphere for optimal nutrient uptake.


As the name implies, specialized ratios of Phosphorous and Potassium collide together in a mixture that explodes blossom size and increase essential oil. Noticeable increases in yield and quality are easily depicted in side-by-side presentations that demonstrate the potential of this amazing bloom and fruit supplement. Although there is a minimal risk of over-fertilization, a little goes a long way.

  • Progressively increases your plant’s desire to eat more food.
  • Promotes healthy root system development and health.
  • Increases size, weight, and aroma.

The New Millennium line will be available at pHive.8 Booth 200 along with products from Plagron and ePapillion!

Indo Expo Trade Show Returns To Portland

Indo Expo Trade Show Returns to Portland

The Oregon Cannabis Connection has written a wonderful article about the upcoming INDO EXPO show in Portland on August 5th-6th. Check out the full article by clicking the link below. Thank you!

Interview With Cliff Thomason, Hemp Activist And Owner Of Oregon Hemp Co.

Interview with Cliff Thomason, Hemp Activist and Owner of Oregon Hemp Co.


Industrial Hemp is here to stay. The economic and medicinal benefits of this most versatile crop are undeniable. Testimonials by families tell stories of children recovered from epilepsy, adults healed from cancer, not to mention the great potential to create much needed jobs and sustainable economic development for farmers across our nation as hemp is also an excellent source of protein. We love Hemp!

To celebrate Hemp History Week, Indo Expo interviewed Cliff Thomason, President and co-founder of Oregon Hemp Company. Cliff was the first farmer to plant hemp legally in Oregon in over 70 years. Today Cliff is a proud farmer of ten thousand acres in Hemp crops having spoken publicly on the topic countless times. But things did not come easy for Thomason. As an activist, he co-founded the Oregon Industrial Hemp Farmers Association, and lobbied on behalf of Oregon Hemp farmers rights against HB2668 in 2015 and for HB4060 in 2016.

IE: Good Morning, Cliff! It is a pleasure to chat Hemp with you during Hemp History Week!


CT: A friend called in March of 2015 and said if I could get seed and land we could start building a Hempire.  I got seed and land, and on May 1st, 2015 we we were the first farmers to legally grow hemp in Oregon in almost 80 years.


CT: I love working with the growth of the industry.  Our company is on track to plant 10,000 acres in 2019.  We do a lot of sharecropping, giving farmers all over the state an opportunity to be a part of this industry.  I got into hemp to create jobs and industry in rural Oregon.


CT: Most of the challenges we face are from ignorance.  We are constantly educating people on hemp and cannabis.  We are finally turning the corner on getting people clear on what we are doing.

IE: Indo Expo is launching a Hemp Start Up Accelerator Program in Oregon to support Hemp startups through extremely subsidized booths. The idea is to create a platform for new Hemp entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.


CT: My advice has always been the same:  Its not how much you can plant, it is how much you can harvest, dry, store, and sell.  Work your plan backwards to see what is the right amount to plant.

IE: Thank you for the opportunity to share your story with us as a Hemp advocate and businessman! And most importantly, thank you for everything you have done to free the Hemp crop!


Want more information on having a booth at the Indo Expo’s Hemp Pavilion? Click Here!


Cyco Flower

Cyco Flower

Cyco is a brand like no other! How often does a company actually listen to their customers? This resulted in the company’s focus on producing cutting edge hydroponic plant nutrients and employing the latest technologies while sourcing only the best ingredients for their clients.

As the proud manufactures and distributors of the Cyco brand, S.J. Enterprises constantly researches and tests to assure only the best quality products. But it does not stop here! Cyco makes it a priority to share product knowledge to both the wholesaler and retailer for the end user to take the most out of the Cyco Platinum Series products.

Cyco has over 28 years of experience in the hydroponic industry and the team is passionate about the products and services offered, as this company knowledge provides continuous improvements to industry standards.

INDO EXPO Is Proud To Offer The Industrial Hemp Pavilion

INDO EXPO is proud to offer The Industrial Hemp Pavilion

INDO EXPO is proud to offer The Industrial Hemp Pavilion  a platform within the main halls of INDO EXPO to support businesses and entrepreneurs involved with Industrial Hemp and all it’s amazing bi products.  The Pavilion will showcase USA Hemp made products and services by a select group of hemp vendors. This unique & first of its kind accelerator program will support young, start up hemp businesses in Oregon.  Exhibits include but are not limited to:  Hemp Seed, Hemp Farmers, Hemp CBD products, Hemp Processors, Hemp Education, HempCrete, Hemp for Pet, Hemp Coffee, Local Hemp Stores and Products and much more.



Indo Expo Trade Show is unique because of the care we put into cultivating our audience. Each show has a dedicated team of professionals who serve as concierges for our buyers and registrants. These team members connect with qualified business owners and the executive staffs of the top cannabis organizations in the western hemisphere to invite, inform and register them for the show.

As a Registration Team Member, you’ll be reaching out to a designated group of businesses in your territory. All your leads are provided and organized by week, for maximum productivity. Each week you’ll contact your list of businesses, attempt to register them online, visit them in person and leave promotional materials. You’ll have VIP passes to hand out to our top clients and you’ll be supported at all times by management if anything comes up that you don’t know how to handle.

You’ll be paid for every person you register and every location you visit, and you’ll spend 20-30hrs per week on the job.

This seasonal job requires the following skills:
Ability to use CRM software
Networking your way to a decision maker
Following up diligently
Good phone manner and people skills
Strong work ethic and independence.

The following items are needed for this job:
Smartphone w/ Navigation

Season Schedule:
June 1 – Final Hire Date
June 5-7 – Paid Training Sessions
June 12 – Start Date

Available Territories: